Lousy Book Covers


More of the same, sorta.

I’m extremely gratified at the exposure that Lousy Book Covers has gotten; in the past two-ish weeks, the number of Tumblr followers has exploded to roughly 30+ times what it was, the site has been filled with comments, and dozens of people have submitted the bad book covers that they have encountered in their own browsing.

I’ve noticed that many of the comments take the form of witty captions, punchlines, etc. to the covers shown, so I thought that those commenters would like PulpoftheDay.com, another site I’ve been running for a dozen years or more. Every day I post the cover of an old pulp magazine or paperback (as the cover would imply), and witty captions are encouraged. In fact, I award a monthly prize — usually an ebook — for the caption which made me chuckle the most. That’s right, YOU CAN WIN FREE STUFF FOR BEING SNARKY.

Thanks, God bless.